Garden picture

Garden picture

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Second Clean Up Day

Second clean up day in the Demonstration Garden.  More plants were removed from the Native Hedgerow.  These of course were saved for future purposes.  There is now a buffer from the parking lot to the first row of perennials.

 Pallets were used to build a much needed compost bin for our garden waste.  Other types of compost bins are now on display.  A molded plastic Earth Machine, and a compost tumbler.

The front of the building looks great, plants are thriving and new mulch was added.

In the Vegetable Garden:

The raised beds have new trellises added to support peas, malabar spinach and nasturtium.

The seeds have been bought and delivered.

Some summer  seeds have been started, potatoes and onions will be planted  this week with Sugar Snap Peas, spinach and lettuce in the next week or two.

new trellises

In the Native Garden, Broad Leaf Sedge is blooming, so is the ground ivy.  Lots and lots of ground ivy.

Funny how the weeds look like flowers and the perennial flowers look like weeds.


pretty weeds

close up of pretty weeds

massive amount of pretty weeds



Black Eyed Susan
I like trying different planting methods

New seeds

Always label your seeds - yes you will forget!

Under lights 16 hours a day

Packed until needed again

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